Philosophy & Mission

Change in brain function is necessary if the child with sensory integration dysfunction is to respond to stimulation from the environment, develop skills and participate in activities in an adaptive way.

Connections between the parts of the brain picking up sensory information such as sound, light, touch, movement and position, and the areas of the brain where this information is processed need to be organized and strengthened.

It takes a multi-sensory approach to support and help a child with sensory challenges. Hands-on techniques combined with body mapping exercises, core activation, postural muscle balancing, visual tracking, reciprocal movements and therapeutic listening must all play a part for the brain to demonstrate a positive change.  

In-Tuned™ is devoted to offering the support, education, resources and training needed to help children with sensory integration impairment.  In-Tuned™ will work hard towards the goal of building a dynamic forum to allow users to participate and contribute to the body of knowledge needed to be effective to help all our children and to building a bigger network of capable people who can support them.