Loves-to-Hug Child

Quick to love everyone, Loves-to-Hug is likable and becomes a fast friend to all. Nobody is a stranger to Loves-to-Hug who’s always ready to join in games. He favors roughhouse play and if he doesn’t have another child or willing adult to play with, he’s content rolling around on the floor by himself.

He loves pushing, pulling, and carrying heavy objects around, even rearranging bedroom furniture. He enjoys moving and being moved. He’s always fiddling, fingering, or picking at something. Before he knows it, his baby sister’s doll no longer has hair, his stuffed toys have become unstuffed, and the plastic toy with the googly eyes . . . well, no more eyes. Loves-to-Hug doesn’t listen to his parents when they tell him to stop destroying his toys. He loves the deconstructed toys just the same. When he’s unable to move around, Loves-to-Hug Child chews on shirt collars and bites pencil erasers and fingernails.

Loves-to-Hug’s parents describe him as having been an easy baby, achieving all developmental milestones on time or early. He crawled but not for long, and when he did it was commando-style. He walked early and loved to carry heavy things like his mommy’s purse.

Loves-to-Hug likes to dress himself, often putting on his pants backwards and his shoes on the wrong feet. He says he likes the way it feels. Snapping, buttoning, and zippering are difficult for him, and he often gets off the school bus with the laces to both shoes untied.

Loves-to-Hug has an awkward pencil grip and uses either too much pressure or not enough, depending on the day. His posture is not the best, and his head is often lying on the desk.

Sitting for long periods is difficult for Loves-to-Hug. He usually pushes his legs into the legs of the chair or tips his chair backwards. Sometimes he ends up on the floor. He fidgets a lot and may not appear to be paying attention, but he’s always aware of what’s happening in the classroom. He has such a good disposition, teachers are patient with him even when his behavior disrupts the class.  

On the surface, Loves-to-Hug appears to have good motor skills but prefers to do things as quickly as possible and has difficulty doing anything slowly. He’s silly and likes to clown around during PE class. He can run fast after a loose ball, but he lacks precision to throw it well.

Loves-to-Hug Child gets along well with friends but can be unintentionally rough. Friends get over it quickly because he’s so much fun to be around.