Scared-to-Go Child

On the surface, Scared-to-Go appears on track with his peers. His mother stated he was delivered by C-section and had difficulties with feeding early on, but he achieved all developmental milestones on time. He sleeps and eats well, although he is picky and slightly underweight.

Scared-to-Go is scared to poop. At home he asks for a diaper and refuses to have a bowel movement on the toilet. At school he tries to hold it all day and sometimes he has accidents.   Sometimes he doesn’t smell good and other people notice. His parents are worried about why it’s taking Scared-to-Go so long to be fully toilet trained.

He prefers to wear long, loose-fitting gym shorts and hates to dress in anything tight, especially around his waist. After Scared-to-Go underwent numerous medical consultations and procedures, his doctor said everything was fine medically and maybe he was having emotional problems. Scared-to-Go is seeing a counselor.