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Julia Grover-Barrey OTR/L, CHT Occupational Therapist Founder of In-Tuned™

Julia Grover-Barrey OTR/L, CHT
Occupational Therapist
Founder of In-Tuned™

Julia Grover-Barrey OTR/L, CHT

Julia graduated from the Dalhousie University School of Occupational Therapy in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada in 1990.  Early in her career she worked in a community-based hospital covering neuro-rehabilitation services, child-adolescent psychiatry and outpatient hand therapy.  Julia started a private practice in Canada contracting with a provincial government agency to help students transitioning from schools for children with special needs into inclusion programs within public schools.

Relocating to Tucson, Arizona in the mid 1990’s Julia opened a private practice specializing in hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. Her strong interest in neuroscience and brain-based disorders led her to develop outpatient, school-based and community programs for neuro-atypical children.  She has evaluated and treated many children with diagnoses such as Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, learning disabilities and anxiety.  She has given lectures, seminars and trainings on a number of topics related to her field of expertise for parents, teachers and other health care professionals.

Julia has taken a sabbatical from her clinical practice to focus on development of In-Tuned™ resources and trainings, as well as finish her book The In-Tuned™ Child.  Julia remains active in applying principles of In-Tuned™ with school children.

Julia created In-Tuned™ to help provide parents with education and resources to help their children, and to provide trainings for other professionals who encounter neuro-atypical children in their work.

It is Julia’s goal to help reduce the suffering of children with brain-based disorders, as well as to increase dialogue between the treating professionals to improve accuracy of diagnosis and make alternative treatments more widely used.

Julia lives with her husband, Chris and their two daughters, Maya and Marlee in Tucson, Arizona. She and her family enjoy a rural lifestyle, part of which includes caring for their horses, mule, goats chickens, dog and cat. 

Michael John Wiley Musician/Composer

Michael John Wiley

Michael John Wiley

Although piano was his first musical instrument, by the time he was nine years old, he had taken to the acoustic guitar as his personal favorite and continued this passion into his college years and beyond.  After graduating with honors in 1996 from the University Of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition, he became employed with the TUSD through an experimental “Imaginarium” program, designed to bring local working artists to elementary schools.  During this four-year period of service, he began work on two major personal projects: transcribing the Mayan Calendar into music and writing a comprehensive and interactive music theory manual based on his color-coded guitar, which he had developed while composing during his studies at the U of A in 1991.

Shortly after releasing his 2000 debut album OXLAHUN, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra honored Michael with a world premier performance of his composition Tzolkin in C Major (based on the sacred 260-day calendar), which took Third Prize at the prestigious Toru Takemistu Orchestral Competition in Japan, 2002.  Two years later, Michael embarked on a one-year international head-teacher position coordinated by local Tucsonan educators, at a brand new and exciting English speaking kindergarten school in Northern China.  As a head teacher, he further developed his color-coded music curriculum and upon returning home, channeled his creative efforts into Musical Colors, an educational company dedicated to music pedagogy and musical instrument appreciation using color-coded musical instrument stickers.

In 2007, Michael released his first edition Tzolkin DVD, which showcases his award winning music, presents his audio-visual calendar experience “Tzolkin Cultural Meditation”, and details his musical theories and projects to date.  It was by now that he had received a five year commission to write a requiem which has since then been produced for full orchestra, mariachi, grand choir and voice soloists and is titled Lamento De La Frontera.  Michael lives in Tucson, Arizona with his lovely wife and two young boys, and spearheaded International Premium Coffee Corporation, which worked directly with farmers to bring specialty coffee from Mexico to the US.  Michael continues to play and compose music and to inspire others to do the same for themselves in order to transform our world.

Serena Gabriel Sound Therapist

Serena Gabriel
Sound Therapist

Serena Gabriel

Serena Gabriel is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, acupuncturist and sound therapist who weaves sound and movement into her sessions and creative projects to make use of their profound inspirational and healing potential.

For over 30 years, movement and sound have been and still are crucial components of Serena’s personal growth process. From an early age, she has found balance and a sense of universal connection through her dedication to various dance forms and therapeutic musical explorations, resulting in her work being richly influenced by her years of firsthand experience.

Ms. Gabriel’s work is an opportunity to journey along enchanting and rejuvenating sonic pathways guided by a combination of exotic world instruments and modern technologies. 

Sabrina Vincent Illustrator/Animator

Sabrina Vincent

Sabrina Vincent

Sabrina Vincent is an illustrator animator.  She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her family. Sabrina's talent and empathy for children with sensory impairment is evident in the emotion she brings to her illustrations and animation.  Her work has strengthened the fabric of many In-Tuned(TM) projects.

Other works can be viewed at slovly.com