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Beyond Medication

Julia created this workshop to educate more people about how they can effectively help children and adolescents with brain-based and mental health disorders. The number of children with special needs is outpacing the capacity of most communities to provide adequate solutions, so we need more people problem solving solutions.

This workshop focuses on the underlying causes of the disorders and how to best address each cause. The interactive nature of the workshop facilitates participants experiencing a change in their own awareness while learning skills to use immediately with others.

The skills learned can be transferred to any setting the participant works, or for parents to use at home. This workshop focuses on techniques to improve awareness, attention and self-regulation, which are crucial to the child/adolescent gaining function. The skills learned in this workshop are not the domain of any particular professional body and can be used by anyone who feels confident to apply them.

Successfully Supporting the Child with Brain-Based Disorder

Julia is facilitating this workshop in order for others to learn her approach to reasoning, prioritizing and approaching the needs of the child to facilitate improvements in function and outcomes.

This interactive case-review workshop is a rare opportunity to have many different professionals and parents in the same room to discuss specifics about individual children and how they can be successfully supported to meet the demands of various environments.

There is a profound need for more teamwork and more answers for our children with special needs, and this workshop helps meet this need.