Therapeutic Tools

In-Tuned™ is committed to providing parents, caregivers, teachers and others with the education, resources and tools to help children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction and other brain-based challenges. There are a lot of children who struggle to meet the demands of the environment around them, be it at home, daycare, on the playground or at school, and parents who struggle to find answers.  In-Tuned™ wants to help you find those answers and provide solutions.



Animated videos to provide training and basic therapeutic routines parents can do at home with their child.



In-Tuned™ Sound Project offers therapeutic quality listening in a collection of Soundscapes.  Each Soundscape takes the listener on a unique journey to build brain connectivity.  


In-Tuned™ Postural Balancing Flash Cards (Set of 10)

Physical organization influences how the brain organizes itself, and postural balance plays a starring role. When children can do these two poses fully and easily, demonstrating more postural balance, we also observe them having more awareness, attention and ability to self-regulate.

In-Tuned Child Book


Overcome Our Children's Sensory Challenges and Celebrate Their Neuro-Uniqueness.

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