From the Desk of Julia Grover-Barrey OTR/L – Founder of In-Tuned®

I took a break from some of my In-Tuned® endeavors to gain perspective. Perspective about what it was I was creating and to answer the question WHY I worked so hard to create it in the first place. I thoughtfully laid back in the hammock between projects (and during projects), but also did more active investigation and field research to help me answer the hard questions.

The conclusion I come to is this. Parents cannot take on a “therapist’s” role with their child with a brain-based disorder. We need parents to be the wonderful nurturers they are. If they gain some different awareness of the why’s and how’s of supporting their child in a different way great; expecting them to do more is unrealistic in most situations. If what I’m asking them to do does not fit their current belief system, the family culture or their schedule…I’ve already lost them.

The same goes for educators. Expecting educators to take on implementing more recommendations in the classroom when the demands on them are already at the max, only puts more pressure and lends itself to job dissatisfaction and burn out. Our children need good teachers and good teachers can’t be burdened with any more responsibility from what I see at this moment in time.

I created In-Tuned® to be a dynamic matrix of practical solutions for supporting children with brain-based disorders. In-Tuned® resources are meant to be impactful at low or no cost to parents and other users (therapists, educators, childcare workers). This is still my motivation. Along with this I want to provide solutions that are simple to implement, bare bones and in the most usable form. Breaking old habits and establishing new ones requires repetition and time, and the simpler the solution or new idea, the more likely it will become habit and have impact. I want In-Tuned® to be helpful and impactful to users in as organic a way possible, and I want it to help you on your journey to support the child or children in your life.

We are doing a great job in our community supporting our children with brain-based disorders and we will keep on the path.

Today is the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11th.  I want to remind you to take a moment of silence at 8:46 am (EST). I would also like to help spread peace and humanity by providing a free download of In-Tuned® Sound Project Soundscape Inner Journey. For best results please read the instructions for listening here.


Have a peaceful day,





Julia Grover